Get lost in the largest corn maze in the world – Richardson Farm, Spring Grove IL

As the summer heat makes way for moderate autumn days, farms around the nation open their doors for good clean farmland fun. One of those farms is the Richardson Farm in Spring Grove, IL.

Located about an hour north of Chicago, Richardson Farm is home to the largest corn maze in the world. With over 11 miles of paths, five different maze routes and a variety of other activities, Richardson is large enough to keep you entertained for a large part of your day (or longer if you get lost.)

Because the maze is split into various levels of difficulty, you can start off with a simple one, then make your way to a 6 mile trivia challenge. Thankfully, emergency escape pathways are located around the edge of the maze, so if you do get severely lost, you can find your way back to the entrance. To add a level of difficulty to the maze, it is also open for nighttime walks, which means you’ll definitely want to bring a flashlight.

On the grounds of the farm, you’ll also find an observation tower, kids slide and zip-line, hay ride, concessions, petting zoo, bike trails, an adult zip-line and Zorbing course. Admission to the farm is $12.95 for adults and $9.95 for kids 3 and up. The farm is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Check their site for opening hours on other days.