Gadling Gear Review: Solid Moisturizer From SkinFare

Can I get a show of hands from people who are still irritated by the need to game their packing to deal with the TSA’s three-ounce requirements? I thought so. There are still a lot of us out there. I’m both aggravated and pleased that there are new brands making solid cosmetics that I can get past the screeners. There’s a new-to-me brand out there called SkinFare; they’re making solid moisturizer sticks that give you more room for shampoo and sunscreen in your carry-on luggage.

There are a bunch of things I like about this product line. The moisturizers smell delicious – there are five different scents and one is sure to work for you. They come in recyclable cardboard packaging so there’s no plastic to throw away (take that, tiny hotel bottles of shampoo!). The moisturizer itself is made from organic stuff so you’re not putting toxic chemistry on your skin. It’s all good stuff. And yes, travel friendly, so you can carry a stick on the plane and use it as an all purpose moisturizer in the dry zone at 20,000 feet.

I find the product itself a little heavy, a little waxy, on application. I really like it as a lip balm or for my chapped and/or sunburned nose. But it doesn’t quite work for me – your mileage may vary – as an overall skin moisturizer. It’s easy enough to apply, you just rub it on your skin., but I want it to melt a little bit more on contact so it gets absorbed.

It’s worth a try, though. Everyone has different skin, so it might work really well for you. And I find that while it doesn’t suit my needs as an overall moisturizer, I’m putting the little container in my coat pocket instead of Carmex, and using it on my face and hands where I don’t have anything else on hand. And it’s perfect for on the plane – not just because of the solid product, but because the refreshing natural scents are nice for clearing that airplane funk out of your head.

SkinFare is $9.99 per stick. Give it a try or get some for your nearest traveler.

[Image by SkinFare]

Photo of the Day (12.20.2009)

I’m loving the “eye-catching,” over-the-shoulder perspective in today’s photo, brought to us courtesy of Flickr user The L-List. The picture’s subject is a Balinese dancer, preparing some pre-performance makeup. The mirror’s reflection and great angle make you feel as though you were right there backstage, getting ready to start the show.

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Product review – La Fresh one day stay travel packets

Today’s product review will take a brief look at the La Fresh “one day stay” travel kit.

The one day stay kit is a small plastic pouch that holds 6 different single use wipes. La Fresh has a version for women, and one for men. The wipes are biodegradable and come in a large variety of cosmetic and personal care products.

The female version comes with the following towelettes:

  • Makeup remover
  • Deodorant
  • Anti-bacterial wipe
  • Hydrating lotion wipe
  • Mini-mitt dental cleaning wipe
  • Eye and lip makeup remover

The male version comes with the following towelettes:

  • Shaving gel
  • Deodorant
  • Anti-bacterial wipe
  • Show shine wipe
  • Mini-mitt dental cleaning wipe
  • Lens cleaning wipe

Naturally, these wipes won’t replace your conventional toiletries, but they are perfect for emergencies, or if the airline loses your luggage and you start to smell a little too funky.

Since the wipes only hold a small amount of liquid, you won’t have any issues with the TSA, no matter how many wipes you are carrying.

On a previous trip, I put the single use male version of their wipes to the test, and was impressed. The wipes unfold to a decent size and they all smell quite pleasant, without being too overpowering. The deodorant wipe is not the same as your regular deodorant stick, as it is used to wipe your entire body down in a (successful) attempt at making you smell fresher. The Minty-mitt dental wipe is a small “finger glove” with a rough texture, soaked in a minty liquid and while it isn’t the same as a good brushing, it certainly gave me that “just brushed” feeling. The shaving gel pouch holds just enough gel for a decent lathering.

The one day stay pouches with all 6 wipes cost $4.99 each. LaFresh also has a version with 30 single use wipes which is great for refilling the one stay pouch. Other products in the LaFresh lineup include female hygiene wipes, sunscreen wipes and even nail polish remover wipes. Most products are sold in packs of 6 or 48.

The LaFresh one day stay travel packets are very convenient, and are priced just right. They are not the kind of product I see myself using every trip, but I like the idea of carrying an emergency set of toiletries, without the hassle of having to deal with travel size bottles and the possibility of leaks.