Las Vegas has a “Cougarlicious” slot machine … no, really.

We’re not kidding when we say that some casinos will do anything for attention – we spotted this great article on a “Cougarlicious” slot machine found at Las VegasMandalay Bay over on VegasChatter and couldn’t resist sharing.

Play to the tune of “Too Sexy” for the keys to motel room number 69 (subtle, hmm?) and a chance to win kisses from Nate the Bait, ostensibly your young hottie du jour.

According to IGT, the game’s manufacturer, “[t]his sassy video slot has fun motel key and lipstick-kissed matchbook symbols that make you feel kinda lucky… this game is just too sexy to pass up. Be on the prowl for Cougarlicious.”


Sadly, the game isn’t that new – an article in Gaming Today says it debuted back in 2009 and has been in casinos for nearly a year. Why are we just now being made aware that we can further make fun of middle-aged women doing exactly what men have done for centuries, namely, troll for younger partners?

Also, these women on the ads hardly look old enough to us to be “cougarlicious,” nor does Nate the Bait look particularly young. Madness.