Cougars Regaining Numbers, Spreading Habitat

Cougars have been declining in number for a century now, as victims of hunting and loss of habitat. Now the BBC reports they’re making a comeback. The population is increasing and they are spreading out of their usual western habitats back into eastern and northern areas where they haven’t been seen for many years.

They’ve been spotted from Texas to Canada, and one even made it to Connecticut last year, only to get killed by a car.

Naturalists say that restrictions on hunting and the return of some of their prey, like elk and mule deer, have increased their numbers and forced these solitary animals to search further afield in search of a hunting range.

Some have raised concerns about cougar attacks. Although experts say that cougars generally avoid humans, cougars must be treated with caution like any wild animal. From 2001 through 2010, there have been 36 injuries and four deaths caused by cougars in the U.S. and Canada.

By way of comparison, lightning killed 26 people in the U.S. in 2011 alone. Environment Canada reports, “each year lightning kills approximately 10 Canadians and injures approximately 100 to 150 others.” So it appears that, much like the common fear of wolves and sharks, fear of cougars is based less on their real threat than it is on urban ignorance of nature.

[Photo courtesy Art G]

Las Vegas has a “Cougarlicious” slot machine … no, really.

We’re not kidding when we say that some casinos will do anything for attention – we spotted this great article on a “Cougarlicious” slot machine found at Las VegasMandalay Bay over on VegasChatter and couldn’t resist sharing.

Play to the tune of “Too Sexy” for the keys to motel room number 69 (subtle, hmm?) and a chance to win kisses from Nate the Bait, ostensibly your young hottie du jour.

According to IGT, the game’s manufacturer, “[t]his sassy video slot has fun motel key and lipstick-kissed matchbook symbols that make you feel kinda lucky… this game is just too sexy to pass up. Be on the prowl for Cougarlicious.”


Sadly, the game isn’t that new – an article in Gaming Today says it debuted back in 2009 and has been in casinos for nearly a year. Why are we just now being made aware that we can further make fun of middle-aged women doing exactly what men have done for centuries, namely, troll for younger partners?

Also, these women on the ads hardly look old enough to us to be “cougarlicious,” nor does Nate the Bait look particularly young. Madness.

Air New Zealand in hot water over new cougar ad

Air New Zealand has a history of fun and creative TV commercials. In the past, they used their own bodypainted staff to promote their service, and this time, they recruited cougars. In case you missed it, a cougar is an older woman who preys on young men. Air New Zealand describes them as “too old to be your girlfriend and too young to be your mom”.

Even though the ad has very little to do with air travel, it is absolutely hilarious. Of course, as with any controversial TV ad, a group complained about it, and Air New Zealand pulled it from the air. Despite the humor in the clip, rape victims in New Zealand were not amused, claiming the clip was “appalling, disgusting and degrading to women”. What do you think?


December is cougar season on San Diego cruise

Women of a certain age and vigor will leave San Diego in December on the first “cougar cruise” to hit the high seas. Singles Travel Company and singles group The Society of Single Professionals are collaborating on this three-night experience … and they’ll be packing the ship with younger men for the cougars on board to hunt. For a change, man becomes prey and cougar the prowler.

In case you’re unaware, a cougar is an older women who happens to enjoy the … ummmm … “company” of younger men.

The appropriately named Carnival Elation leaves the harbor on December 4, 2009 – unlike the action on board – it will actually make a stop (in Ensenada, Mexico). For $125, not including government and port fees, guests will enjoy three nights of cougar coupling. For young men eying the ultimate trophy, Miss Cougar America 2009, Gloria Navarro, will be on board. But, if you think you call the shots with her young man, you’re out of your mind.