Photo of the day: bonfire in Pennsylvania

If you’ve ever dressed in layers during December, with snow piled on the ground, and set fire to a spare wood mound just for the fun of staring into the bursting flames beneath the twinkling stars, then you know about one of the greatest joys of the bonfire: entrancing warmth. No matter where you are, no matter what time of year, a bonfire is an age-old pastime that brings people together in silence, sing-song, and story-telling. This photo was taken during December in Greensboro, Pennsylvania. Greensboro, Pennsylvania is a tiny country town on the border of West Virginia. And by tiny, I mean, the population of Greensboro is 295. Recreational options are considerably limited in a town this small and a blazing bonfire is a wonderful way to chisel away the evening. Taken by photographer Ben Britz, this shot captures the flame and burning wood with intricate detail.

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