Snow cone loving and childhood

When the temperature climbs to 100 degrees Fahrenheit such as it has been in Albuquerque, New Mexico where I’m revisiting old stomping grounds and dear friends, cold items are attention getting. That’s what happened when I read the title One Hundred Years of Craving Snow Cones.

Marilyn Terrell, the chief researcher for National Geographic Traveler Magazine, and one who has an eye for wonderful wordsmithing, put out the word on this luscious piece of writing. I dove right in.

Amy Chozick grew up in Texas where snow cones were the Mexican variety called raspas. From the sound of it, her lips were often ringed with various shades depending upon the flavor. As an adult, Chozick found a similar treat in Japan. That treat brought back her fond, tasty memories of childhood.

Reading this reminded me of the Creamsicles I would grab each summer out of the ice-cream freezer in my grandfather’s small store in southeastern Kentucky. As we would pull into his parking lot for a visit, I could almost envision that Creamsicle waiting for me. My other favorite treat was pork rinds. A close third–canned tamales. Whenever I think of either of these three, I picture that store, those mountains and my grandfather who knew the name of everyone who walked in.

If you’re craving a snow cone, there is an accompanying sidebar with Chozick’s essay that offers suggestions about where to go.