Crosley Radio Revolution – travel friendly battery powered turntable!

Hands up if you’ve ever had the dying urge to play your old 33 1/3 and 45 RPM records when you are traveling? Sure, records pretty much died when Sony gave us the Walkman, but there are still purists who love the sound from vinyl. And for those people, there is the new Crosley Radio Revolution CR6002 travel turntable.

Inside this compact battery powered turntable beats the heart of an old fashioned diamond stylus, belt driven stereo system, along with some major tech upgrades like an FM transmitter, headphone jack, stereo speakers and a USB audio output for quick vinyl rips to your PC.

The CR6002 is available at, Hammacher Schlemmer, Brookstone and JC Penney. The black version retails for $149.99, the other colors are $179.99 and are only available at Urban Outfitters.

I have to say, this new product is oddly refreshing – for all the high tech products we cover, it is fantastic to see someone invest their time and money into bringing old technology back to life. If only I had kept my vinyl singles. Next time someone wants to show off the newest tunes on their iPhone, whip out your Crosley Revolution and show them how real music sounds!