Get Inspired – Walk Across a Country

The best way to see anything and everything while traveling is by foot. Not a single person I know can dispute that point either. Buildings, people and market stalls all become rainbow like blurs when traveling by car and even when we’re off cruising the land by bike we still don’t pick up half of what we see when going by foot. Nothing escapes your sight. I had the chance of a lifetime to walk across America earlier this year and it has left me wanting to walk the span of several other destinations. In this Travel + Leisure piece, George Butterfield interviews Shane Mitchell about a recent walk across the island nation of Iceland and how he got inspired to pick up and go. Iceland has always been on my top places to visit list and from the brief Q&A I think I’ve heard enough to want to do it by foot as well. If you’re in need of a little inspiration to do anything, not just walk across the planet, do check out this small read and perhaps you’ll be ready to take your first baby step into the wilderness.