Pick your dining slot – Cruise tip

Cruising can be a great vacation, but some passengers find that cruise ships are overly crowded with children — especially around meal times. If you would prefer to dine without children running about, pick a dining time slot that’s later in the evening.

Not surprisingly, five o’clock dining times are the most packed with children, while the later ones usually have fewer children milling about.

Bonus: eating later gives you the chance to work on your tan for just a few more minutes!

Get the right cabin for you – Cruise tip

Not all berths are created equal.

Keep in mind the following tips when choosing a room on a cruise ship:

  1. The quietest rooms are in the middle of the ship and – if you really want to sleep later – you won’t see any signs of a sunrise in an inside cabin.
  2. Unless you like to climb stairs, choose a floor that’s close to the main deck.
  3. Elevators on cruises are slow so you don’t want to rely too much on them. Also, rooms near elevators can be noisy.
  4. Finally, call right before your cruise to see if upgrades are available. If the ship isn’t full, the cruise line may give you a better cabin for little or no extra money.

Happy cruising.