Daily deal – 4GB Sandisk Cruzer Gator USB flash drive for $9.99

At some point in the past year, someone at Sandisk woke up one morning and had the amazing idea to make a USB flash drive with an alligator print.

The product description is even wackier- “The Cruzer Gator is available in black with a fashionable, stylish design to let everyone know exactly who you are by showing them your USB Flash Drive“. I’m guessing that is marketing talk for “I’m someone who likes to kill alligators”.

Either way, this 4GB USB flash drive is currently on sale over at Amazon.com for just $9.99, making it one of the cheapest options out there for a brand name flash drive. As always, orders at Amazon over $25 ship for free, so order a couple of these drives for your friends, or take advantage of the Amazon Prime service for free shipping.

With a flash drive, you’ll always have a compact place to store your files, but if you are feeling a little more adventurous, you can load the drive with portable versions of your favorite applications.

A great place to find portable apps, is the conveniently names portableapps.com. The biggest advantage of these portable apps is that they all run off the USB memory drive, without the need to install anything to the host PC, making them perfect for public computers, or a work laptop.