Look out! The terrorists have curry!

Something didn’t smell right. British Airways passengers started to panic when a foul smell started coming from their aircraft on a flight between Belgrade and London. Fearing a terrorist attack, the captain turned around the aircraft and put it back down in the Serbian capital, where the aircraft was evacuated and contained separately on the runway.

Passengers screamed in horror fleeing from the aircraft as they were helped by workers in hazmat suits.

Investigators first feared that a a container with acidic chemicals had burst in the hold and was causing havoc among the cargo. But upon further investigation, they narrowed the source down to a package of curry.

This follows on the heels of an emergency landing earlier this year of an Alitalia flight because of similar fears — the source of which was revealed to be minced onions.

When You Can’t Travel to the Food, Have the Food Travel to You!

Kanye West brought a whole new meaning to the “curry run” recently. Apparently, when he found Manhattan’s culinary choices a little too confining, he was tipped off–by fellow rap star Snoop Dogg–to the world’s best curry take-out: the British Raj, near Newport, Wales.

Masud Ahmed, the restaurant’s owner, didn’t know who Kanye was, when the faxed order came in. But, he was happy to have his head chef fulfill the 3000-mile delivery order. The special eight-dish meal ended up costing Kanye over $3800 USD for the restaurant bill alone, plus the costs of transporting the chef and the temperature-controlled dry ice containers to Heathrow by helicopter, then business class to NYC, then limousined to the party (transport costs paid by the record company).

The chef gets his first trip to the States, and Kanye’s guests get curry in a hurry, relatively. Maybe next time, he’ll just go to the restaurant in person.

Oh, and, by the way, no need to call up Snoop for the 4-1-1; we got you covered. Here’s the restaurant’s contact info: The British Raj Lounge Bar, 68 Tregwilym Rd., Rogerstone, Wales, NP10 9EJ, telephone: +44-01633-892-377.