Inside Donald Trump’s 757

When you’re Donald Trump, you need to have a plane to match your larger-than-life personality. In this case, that plane is a 757. His new ride sits 43, has a 16-hour flying range and is powered by Rolls Royce engines. To give a bit of a comparison, a typical 757 seats 186 to 289 passengers and the seatbelts and other accessories are not 24k gold plated. (Shocker, we know.) Other notable features? A 57″ TV in the “media room”, a DVD storage system of 1,000 movies, Trump’s personal DVR, a private master suite for Trump and a guest suite with a full bed, bathroom and more.

According to BTJ Online, Trump selected the aircraft because he “always felt the [Boeing] 757 was the best looking of all the commercial planes.”

The plane is about twice the size of his 727 and, although he’s not disclosing price, rumor is the plane was bought for around $100 million from Microsoft’s Paul Allen.