Daily Travel Deal: United launches mega fare sale

United Airlines just launched an outstanding fare sale to the American Southwest, with fares starting as low as $39 plus tax. Texas is one of the focal points, with destinations such as El Paso, San Antonio, Houston and Dallas boasting the great prices, but other locales like Albuquerque and Oklahoma City are also a steal.

Check out United’s promotional site to see a full list of fares and destinations. Each-way fares are based on required round trip purchase and availability is limited, so make sure that you book early. And don’t forget about United’s Double Elite Qualifying Miles promotion that’s currently underway which will get you extra perks for your trip.

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Daily Travel Deal: $13.95 car rentals

Our theme of discounted vacations continues, with yesterday highlighting the opportunity to score 100 hotels for under $100 each and today bringing car rental deals.

Hotwire is now hosting a sale on vehicle rentals across the board, from as low as $8.95 per day in Minneapolis to over $20 near New York City. Combine that with a dirt cheap hotel and discount plane ticket and you’ve got yourself a short little vacay that’s only a shade more expensive than that exotic STAYcay that you were planning. Just make sure you book early because availability is limited, and this deal could expire.

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Daily Travel Deal: 100 hotels for under $100

In rough times like these, it’s important to save money on every facet of your travel, whether it’s business or personal. Airfares are controlled pretty tightly by the industry, but hotels are a great way in which you can cut a few costs.

Short of camping in the park or staying at a youth hostel, there are plenty of hotels that you can find at reasonable rates, especially in this economy. To that end, AOL travel has compiled a list of 100 great hotels for under $100, separated by domestic region and international destinations.

It’s a handy check during your hotel scouring to see if there are any super steals for your destination.

Check out the list of 100 hotels for under $100 here, and make sure you swing back to the hot deals section for any up to the second updates. And remember, inventory is limited so travelers should act quickly to take advantage.