Set Your Luggage Apart with Paint

I’m one of those snotty, one-bag types that talks bad about travelers who pack their belongings into a checked suitcase. As I quickly and efficiently bounce through the terminal — backpack secured tightly to my back — I roll my eyes and shake my head at the site of those poor souls who couldn’t live without having three outfits for each day of their week-long trip. Nonsense! To smell while traveling is natural; a change of clothes — a shower, even — is overrated.

However, If you do have to check your luggage, sister site DIY Life pointed us to an article from Baxter Bulletin on a creative way to decorate your checked bag as to distinguish it from the others on the luggage carousel: paint it!

I recall seeing some pretty wacky luggage in my travels. One westerner’s suitcase I spotted in India had swastikas all over it, which may have been perfectly fine in India, but could certainly cause problems with the uninformed in the western world.

Paint your luggage at DIY Life