Deep fried butter and pork chops as Texas State Fair food finalists

State fairs have long been the best destination for good carnival style food – kettle corn, ham and hot dogs have always been on offer, but in recent years, competition for the most insane food has heated up.

Things started with the Scottish invented deep fried candy bar, then people started deep frying Twinkies, cookies and other sweetness.

But more recently, vendors have gone to great lengths to compete for the most insane fried food imaginable. Deep fried bacon and deep fried PB&J sandwiches won’t really impress anyone anymore.

The Texas State Fair is where the best in deep fried delicacies are presented, and the current 8 finalists for this years contest have the ultimate in deep fried goodness.

Deep fried butter is the one that stands out, and it is exactly what the name describes; whipped sweetened butter, battered and deep fried. Served on a stick.

Other dishes include cherry peppers, filled with shredded chicken and guacamole, then battered and deep fried. Or, how about deep fried peaches and cream? You’ll find a full list of the finalists here.

For those of you with a good appetite, the Texas State Fair is held from September 25th till October 18th, in Fair Park, Dallas. Check out their site for a list of all the activities.

(Photo from Flickr – Robert S. Donovan)