Airport Remote turns your smartphone into an airport departure screen

In the past, we’ve reviewed several flight schedule applications – and most of them share the same look and feel. On the business end, you get a simple overview of your flight, and its current status. Those apps are designed to be efficient, with little to no fanfare in the user interface.

Airport Remote was designed to be different – the app actually mimics the departure screens found at the airport, showing the current status, arrival/departure screen and a link to more information.

Once you select a flight, you can pull up more specific information, and even send the flight status to others – alerting them to delays or cancellations.

While the app may look nice and polished – it also faces the same downside as the real airport monitors – it is slow, and you often need to wait (and scroll) a lot to find your flight. There is no search button, which means you’ll need to scroll up or down the list to find your flight. Flights can be sorts A-Z or Z-A, but if your flight leave from an airport in the middle (like Minneapolis) you’ll need to scroll down 100’s of flights just to find the one you need.

Airport Remote is available for the iPhone and Android phones in their respective app stores for $3.99. Despite the sluggish performance, it is a fun app to have, and a great way to show off the travel app powers of your phone, just don’t count on it becoming your “go-to” travel status resource.