Hotel pays your baggage fees

Kimpton Group, a company with hotels and restaurants all over the United States and in British Columbia, is totally paying your baggage fees through December 31st, 2008.

The promotion, called “We Got Your Bag,” is simple: Due to airlines now charging you to check a second bag (which is totally ludicrous), people are unable to bring all the things they need to make themselves comfortable without paying an irritating little fee. Kimpton has the calamine for your woes. Show a receipt for your fee at the hotel desk when you check in, and they will match it with a room credit (up to $25.00), no questions asked.

So go ahead and pack that dead body in a second suitcase.

No really, this will definitely help out for holiday travelers with suitcases full of gifts. Says Michael Depatie, CEO and president of Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants: “Giving our guests relief from these new fees is how we hope to make the holidays a little happier.”

Thanks, Kimpton!