Discount space travel site launched

A new website devoted to discount space travel was launched this week and has member-only benefits for joining.

“Space.Travel was created to fill a void in the burgeoning space tourism industry. With passenger space travel becoming a routine activity, outer space needed a destination website just like any other travel location. A one-stop website for all of your space trip planning,” says Kenneth Schweitzer, Founder of Space.Travel.

In addition to discounts on space-related travel, membership ($99 a year) includes access to a Space Trip Reviews section that invites members to describe and post travel reviews of their experiences. These experiences might include visiting a space center or museum, attending a space camp or launch event, experiencing weightlessness in an aircraft, or even visiting outer space itself.

“When people think about space tourism they initially imagine trips into outer space. However, millions of people a year attend a space-themed attraction or museum. Space.Travel provides a place to share all of these amazing experiences,” adds Schweitzer.The website also offers daily space tourism news and a travel directory. The Space.Travel Directory includes listings of space travel agents, space insurance providers, and space tour operators.

Flickr photo by Marxchivist