A tilt-shifted day in the life of Disney’s “The Magic Kingdom”

There are thousands of videos posted to the Internet each day – but every now and then you come across one that just makes your jaw drop. Such is the case with the Disney video published above.

October 1st was the Magic Kingdom’s birthday, and to celebrate, Disney shot a video showing a day in the life of the Magic Kingdom park at Walt Disney World. This isn’t just any boring old video – it was shot using “tilt shifting”, which gives the whole thing a really nifty appearance.

Click play, and see for yourself how awesome the effect is, and how amazing a day in the life of the park looks. Make sure to hang around till the end of the clip for a special greeting from some Disney characters.

If you like the tilt shift effect, then check out this post from back in May, describing how you can take your own photos and add a similar effect.

(From: Disney Parks Blog, via: Boing Boing)