Disney Cruise Line heads to new waters in 2010

I’ve never been on a Disney Cruise. I have a couple of relatives who say a Disney Cruise is the best thing since sliced bread. Not really, but they’ve shown me the pictures of their swell time.

Disney is expanding its repertoire of offerings in 2010. Booking starts today, October, 14, for cruises to St. Petersburg, Russia; Tunis, Tunisia; Malta; and Corsica. There are several options.

One of the most involved, the 12-night cruise that heads to St. Petersburg, starts and ends in Dover, England and makes stops in Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm and Warnemunde, Germany. Each stop involves a day on shore, except for St. Petersburg which includes a day-trip to Moscow if you want.

After watching the video at Disney Cruise’s web site, I’d say that for people who want to travel with their children, but who don’t necessarily want to spend every waking moment sightseeing with their darlings, this type of cruise would be an option–not a cheap option, mind you, but an option.

Activities that are country specific are organized for different ages. Of course, with all the real castles that abound, dressing up like a princess (or a prince) and having a party where real royalty whooped it up is part of the offerings. I’d just as soon duck out of that party and look around on my own, but I bet that’s allowed as long as you make it back to port on time.

Evidently, Mickey Mouse even tags along making appearances at famous landmarks. Not really, but Mikey is in the video frolicking with kids at the Red Square in Moscow.

For the press release that lists each of the cruise options and dates, click here.

Single Men Looking to Meet Someone? Try Disney

I’ve heard that laundromats are good places to meet guys. I once interviewed a guy in a laundromat for a journalism class after I randomly picked his name from the Albuquerque white pages of the phone book. (I opened the book and plopped my finger down. His name was where my fingertip landed.) He was a nice guy, but he hadn’t been to many places and wasn’t exactly sure how he ended up in Albuquerque from a childhood growing up in Brooklyn. While he folded clothes, I worked on getting deep thoughts out of him for a decent quote.

So, if you’re a woman, perhaps you might meet a guy who has a way with laundry in a laundromat. If you’re guy, here’s a tip I read in the article, “Cruise prices drop when leaves fall.” If you’re single, mind you, and you want to meet a woman, go on a Disney Cruise. According to tipster, Art Sbarsky who once was a cruise executive, single moms travel with their kids on these ships. Doesn’t this scenario sound like a movie in the making?

Don’t stop now. Get even more information on cruises.

If you are a guy who is thinking about a Disney Cruise, here are some things you might do:

  1. Get a bandana to dress yourself like a pirate. There are kids dressed like pirates on the home page. It wouldn’t hurt to try to look like you belong. Plus, with the bandana (make it red) you’ll be ready for the Pirates of the Caribbean deck party.
  2. Sing karaoke at Studio Sea or twist the night away at a dance party.
  3. Go to the fitness center and afterwards get a massage in the spa.
  4. Take in a show like Hercules, A Muse-ical Comedy. Brushing up on your Greek myths might impress someone.

Just like the article said, prices drop right about now. The Disney Cruise starts at $389 for a 3-day trip to the Bahamas.