Product review – Kensington Auxiliary dock for iPod Nano

In this brief product review I’m going to introduce one of the newest products in the Kensington 2009 lineup.

The Kensington Auxiliary dock for the iPod Nano is a portable iPod dock designed to plug directly into the AUX jack found on many car stereos.

The device comes with 4 different iPod Nano inserts, and fits every model from the first Nano to the current 4th generation.

The dock itself is as simple as can be – the dock plugs into the headphone jack on your iPod, and the folding audio jack on the back of the dock plugs into your stereo.

I’ll pretend I know what you are thinking, and yes; a regular stereo cable will do the exact same thing, but the auxiliary dock does it so much nicer.

It also brings your iPod up by your stereo, and allows you to change tracks or pause the music without having to reach for your player. Of course, it also prevents the iPod from sliding around in the center console or passenger seat of your rental car.
When you are not using it, you simply unplug the device from your car stereo, and fold the connector inside the dock. It’s a simple yet efficient and well designed little product.

There is of course one drawback to the unit – your iPod does not charge when it is plugged into the dock, nor do you have access to a charger port, but with iPod battery life at an all time high, that may not be a huge problem.

The Kensington Auxiliary dock for the iPod Nano will be available from and other Kensington retailers soon, and retails for $24.95.

I have included some other images of the product in the gallery below.