Video: Dolphin Stampede Off The Coast Of California

Passengers aboard a whale watching tour off the coast of California got a rare treat recently when they witnessed a large dolphin stampede. The tour was being conducted off of Southern Cal’s Dana Point by a company called Dolphin Safari when they came across a large pod of the creatures swimming near the surface. The result was a spectacular show of wildlife churning through the water that has to be seen to be believed.

Fortunately, someone aboard the ship had a video camera on hand and captured some footage from the phenomenon. The video was posted on YouTube a few days back and has already been viewed over 400,000 times. It features more than 1000 dolphins swimming along at high speed as they “stampede” out into the ocean. There is even footage that was taken from one of the boat’s underwater viewing pods, giving viewers an excellent look at the action.

Fishermen witness dolphin “stampede”

Fishing is one of those activities that’s tailor-made for relaxing. Sure, there’s some action involved when you finally hook a fish on the line, but until then there’s pretty much nothing to do except sit back and relax. That was not the case however for a group of fishermen on a recent expedition in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez. The group was out cruising when they came across a pod of dolphins and somebody pulled out a camera to record the scene.

The video clip starts with a few playful dolphins lunging out of the water. Around :35 or so into the clip the anglers are witness to an incredible sight as literally hundreds of dolphins begin lunging themselves out of the water at a frenzied pace. It’s a surprisingly beautiful and amazing sight. Even if these guys never ended up catching anything on this particular trip, I think they probably went home quite happy.