Photo Of The Day: Rainbow Over West Virginia

Full disclosure: I was with photographer Ben Britz when we spotted this rainbow, dare I say wanna-be double rainbow, over the hills of my parents’ house in Morgantown, West Virginia. This rainbow was the third rainbow we’d seen that day and it was the best. For the first time in our lives, we could see the ends of the rainbow. I’ve always thought that the rolling Appalachian hills of West Virginia are beautiful, but it’s funny how well that beauty is accented by something so natural and yet always so special. Do you have any stunning rainbow photos to share with us? If so, just upload them to the Gadling Flickr Pool for review.

More than pie comes in pumpkin: Try ice cream for the holidays

Last week my son dropped a pint of ice-cream into the shopping cart when I wasn’t looking. I picked it up to return it to the freezer–until I saw it was pumpkin. I caved.

Pumpkin ice-cream is one of the reasons the thought of cold weather and less daylight filled days doesn’t totally send me over the edge. It’s one of those, “Ah, yes, there you are. I’d forgotten about you” seasonal foods.”

Although, I’m not an ice-cream snob, when it comes to pumpkin the best is the best. My favorite place to get some in Ohio is Graeters, a small company founded in Cincinnati in 1870. Today there are Graeters ice-cream shops in Ohio, Indiana, and Kentucky.

Since there are 7 days until Thanksgiving. As a Turkey Day countdown, here are 6 other places that serve up pumkin ice-cream right about now. Count Graeters as #1.

1. Graeters–Here’s the link to getting Graeters on-line. They’ll ship anywhere in the United States.

2. Double Rainbow–This company was founded in San Francisco in 1976 if I did the math right. There used to be a Double Rainbow in Albuquerque when I lived there but there was a name change and now I can’t remember why. I think it was because the company franchised and the owners in Albuquerque weren’t part of it. The ice-cream was yummy. It’s won Best in America awards and can be found in Hong Kong. The web site has a link where you email to find the one closest to you.

3. Homemade Ice Cream and Pie Kitchen–This Louisville, Kentucky favorite started out as a lunch counter. The home page black and white photo reminds me of the one in “Back to the Future” where Marty McFly saved his dad from a thrashing by Biff. Today, there are several Louisville locations and two others. While your savoring the ice-cream, you can use their free Wi Fi.

4. Fosselman’s— This place has a long list of being named the best awards. This one has been gathering a following since 1919. You can buy their ice cream in several stores, but if you want to grab a taste where it’s made head to its retail shop in Alhambra, California, near L.A.

5. Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory— I couldn’t find a web site for this one, but I came across a many reviews. Here’s one that appeared in New York Magazine. This is a critic’s pick. The setting interests me, for one thing. The factory and shop is located in a 1920s fireboat house. Classic. From the description, it sounds like this is just across the bridge from Manhattan.

6. Bassetts Ice Cream–Any ice cream business that’s been run by the same family for five generations has to be pretty darned special. Established in Philadelphia in 1861, Bassetts Ice Cream can be found in ice cream parlors Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Here’s the link to tell you where to find it, but for an historic experience head to the Reading Terminal Market in Philadelphia where Bassetts Ice Cream store is run by members of the Bassett brood.

7. Bedford Farms Ice Cream–Another historic ice cream business, Bedford Farms has been dishing up scoops since 1880. Located in Concord and Bedford, Massachusetts, this parlor is a New England favorite.

And if you have any of your own favorites, let us know. With December’s holiday bounty, a few more ice cream spots could take us there nicely.