Drag Queen Travel Tips [VIDEO]

travel tips

Who doesn’t need a few good travel tips? Going off on an adventure without some is almost impossible these days for any sort of travel. Where to go? What to see? Where to eat? What to wear are all valid questions we need answered. Adventure travelers, cruise line fans, business travelers and more all have their specific needs. So do drag queens.

Check this video for Drag Queen Travel Tips to get up to speed:

In the article “Drag Stars At Sea Cruise Will Go On, As Planned, For Most,” Gadling reported on a drag queen-themed cruise, which almost wasn’t for a number of drag fans that had signed up. Call it a missed communication opportunity or just an oversight, those who had signed up for the Drag Stars At Sea: Caribbean Adventure – Revenge of the Wench cruise were disappointed if not mad about a ruling by Carnival Cruise Line to prohibit drag dress for group members, allowing only the professional performers to participate. Quick thinking by Carnival Cruise Lines allowed it in the end and the sailing is currently underway.

[Photo credit- Flickr user voxtheory]

“Mona Lisa model” to be exhumed

Mona LisaScientists are opening the grave of a nun to see if she was the model for Leonardo Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.

The 16th century tomb of Lisa Gherardini Del Giocondo is being explored in the hopes of finding her skull. With modern facial reconstruction techniques, it’s possible to tell what she looked like, and this will confirm or deny a popular theory that she was the model for the famous painting.

Archaeologists are using subsurface imaging to probe the area under a crypt and staircase they’ve uncovered inside an old convent where the women is presumed to have been buried. They believe that several tombs lie at the bottom of the stairs.

Lisa Gherardini Del Giocondo was the wife of a wealthy merchant and when her husband died she became a nun at the convent of San Orsula in Florence, where she died in 1542. It was common in those days for women to join a convent when they were widowed. One has to wonder what Sister Del Giocondo thought of being the subject of the most talked-about portrait in history.

The Mona Lisa has been argued about for generations. Some researchers say the model was Da Vinci’s gay lover, while others say it’s Da Vinci himself in drag.

The lower tombs will be opened in the next few days. Stayed tuned to see if the team finds Mona Lisa’s celebrated head among the remains.

[Photo courtesy Wikimedia Commons]