Pilot earned extra cash by selling drug-test-beating kits to other pilots

Look, we all know that regional pilots don’t make big bucks. But for a pilot to start a business on the side designed to sell kits to help you pass drug tests seems like a real no-no. To make it worse, the kits were marketed to truck drivers, train engineers and other pilots.

The pilot, Stephen Sharp was selling his product through the web site “yourintheclear.com” from November 2006 till May 2008. During this period, he was flying planes for PSA airlines (flying as US Airways Express).

The product consisted of a powder that had to be mixed with cranberry juice, and promised a 100% success rate at beating the U.S. Department of Transportation drug tests – the same tests used to screen pilots.

During a massive sweep against people who sold products specifically designed to defeat federal drug tests, Sharp was caught, and pleaded guilty to “conspiring to defraud the United States”.

As soon as his employer heard of the case, they placed him on non paid leave, and after his sentencing, chances are he won’t be flying any time soon.