Pack a dry erase board and markers – Cruise Tip

Packing a dry erase board and markers and attaching to your cabin door accomplishes two things:
1.) it makes your cabin door stick out among the long hallway of cookie-cutter doors, and
2.) it’s an easy way for your family to communicate their whereabouts.

Before going on your vacation, attach heavy-duty magnets to the back of the board with a glue gun. Because cabin doors on cruise ships are metal, the board stays put. Instruct your family members to write where they’ll be on the ship (“Headed to the pool!” -Nicole) when they leave the room.

Bring a dry-erase board – Road trip tip

Road trips are some of the most amazing adventures, but unless you capture the moments with your camera, then all you’re left with are mental pictures that are bound to fade over time.

The best aspect about road trips is that you can pull your vehicle over at (almost) any time and capture the amazing scenery, stunning skylines, or bizarre bits of life sprinkled along the highways.

One huge tip is to bring a small dry-erase board along to “caption” the photos so you aren’t left wondering, “Where was this photo taken?” or “What in the world is that?”