Aquarium springs a leak in Dubai Mall

The giant fish tank inside the Dubai Mall sprang a leak Wednesday, pouring water out into the halls, and stranding some shoppers inside an elevator for 45 minutes, while others scrambled to reach dry ground. Emergency response teams rushed to the scene to repair the crack, as 100 retail shops near by closed for business and custodial personnel worked to contain the flooding.

Everything about the famous tank, which has been a big draw with visitors, is massive. It contains more than 2.6 million gallons of water and over 33,000 fish, including 400 sharks. It offers the largest acrylic viewing panel of any aquarium in the world, at roughly 892 square feet , and with a thickness of nearly 30 inches, it remains unclear how the crack developed.

Fortunately, the leak was patched relatively quickly, and no fish were harmed while the crews worked to contain the spill. Some of the nearby shops did sustain water damage however, and the area around the leak remained closed yesterday while maintenance crews evaluated the damage.

The initial leak was caught on video by a nearby witness, and while the resolution is poor, it still gives you an idea of what it was like when the water started flowing.