Would you want Bob Dylan to voice your GPS?

Earlier today, we ran a poll asking readers if they prefer their GPS devices to have a male or female voice? Andy Murdock, an astute reader, left us a comment pointing out that Bob Dylan is in negotiations to voice a GPS unit. Sure, Dylan’s a music legend and an icon, but is his voice conducive to getting me from Point A to Point B?

I’ve seen Dylan in concert. I would consider myself a fan. I’ve understood about six words I’ve heard him speak in interviews. He sounds like he keeps marbles in his mouth. I need my GPS to sound clear and keep me advised of my route. The last thing I need is Bob Dylan warbling, “The speed limits they are a changin’,” as I approach a school zone.

This news did get me thinking, though. What celebrities would I want to voice my GPS? Eartha Kitt would be amusing. And everything is better when voiced by Morgan Freeman. Christopher Walken does a great Lady Gaga, but not sure he could spit out turn-by-turn directions quickly enough for my taste.

Different strokes for different folks, I suppose. Having Bob Dylan tell you to turn left is a good idea for someone. But it ain’t me, babe.

What celebrity would you want to voice your GPS? Leave us a comment below.

Photo by Flickr user ♣Tigerlily ♣.