Shenandoah National Park announces activities for 2010

Shenandoah National Park has announced that it will play host to a wide variety of activities for the 2010 season, which is set to begin soon. Those activities include events for the whole family, ranging from fun filled games for the kids, as well as culinary events and special festivals for the big kids too. All the events will be held at Big Meadows Wayside, Skyland Resort or Big Meadows Lodge, which open for the season on March 19, April 1 and May 20 respectively.

Things get underway with an Easter Egg Hunt scheduled to take place on April 4 at Skyland Resort. Children ages three to ten years of age are invited to explore the historic lower-level of Skyland Resort, where dozens of colorfully painted Easter Eggs will be waiting to be discovered. Hunting Easter eggs is just the start for the kids however, as the park will have plenty of other activities to keep them occupied throughout the year, including games, crafts, storytelling, and ice cream socials.

Those Easter egg hunting skills will come in handy later in the year as well. Starting on May 3rd at Skyland Resort and on May 24th at Big Meadows Lodge, visitors to Shenandoah can compete in scavenger hunts from 9 AM to 11 AM on every Monday and Wednesday. The hunts will take place along one of the many trails in the park, and visitors will search for hidden natural and historic treasures to earn certificates of achievement.

Those looking to experience fine dining while visiting Shenandoah National Park should consider the Vintner Dinners, which feature gourmet four-course meals paired with fine wine from one of the wonderful Virginia wineries. Or better yet, consider joining the park’s Executive Chef, or one of the visiting guest chefs, as they lead culinary workshops exploring the tastes of fine foods and wines as well. Both options cost $295, and include overnight stays, as well as the fine dining experience. For a much less expensive culinary option, the Rainy Day Cooking Demos are a mere $10, and offer diversion when the weather turns sour, and the trails are too wet to hike.

These are just a taste of the many activities and events that Shenandoah will host this year, but there are many more to discover as well. For instance, on May 15, Skyland Resort will welcome the arrival of spring flowers with music and food, as part of their Wildflower Spring Celebration.For even more events, check out the complete list of activities and book reservations at

Mascots needed for Miami Seaquarium Easter celebration

If your parents told you your career at Chuck E. Cheese was a dead end, you can finally flaunt your possibilities. The Miami Seaquarium is ready to make your dreams come true. Its annual Easter Egg Hunt Celebration starts Friday, April 10, 2009 and runs through Sunday, April 12. To make the event come to life, the Seaquarium needs mascots, and that’s where you get involved.

You can bring your own costume! The celebration is open to mascots of all kinds. Throw your funny animal into the mix, and you’ll get to ride in a truck every day at 11 AM for a special ceremony – along with famous Miami Seaquarium personalities such as Flipper the dolphin, Lolita the killer whale, Roc the crocodile and Maime the manatee. You won’t be the guest of honor though. Come on, how could you upstage the Easter Bunny?! To assume your spot, you’ll have to get to the park a half hour before the festivities begin.

For those not dressed for the affair, the Easter Egg Hunt activities start at 10 AM and run until 4 PM.