Zipline canopy tour from the comfort of home

It wasn’t until I saw this video that I remembered the whirring sound that the pulleys of a zipline make as they zip along the cables, whizzing people from tree to tree.

Although the quality is a bit grainy, the essence of the Hocking Hills Canopy Tour are captured here in just a few minutes. I posted about my personal experience a couple of days ago, but the video is a way to bring you along for the ride.

The people who filmed this, and posted it on YouTube, held a camera at such an angle that it feels as if the viewer is on the trip as well. There’s also footage of one of the rope bridges you walk across during the tour. After the last zipline, there’s a rappel down from the last platform to the ground. That part is also included. Plus, there’s a mix of music and conversation. Nice touch.