Heron Tours: Embracing the Wildlife of New York City

I don’t get to New York very often and as a result, tend to have a rather urban feeling towards this massive concrete jungle. And yet, every time I visit I am pleasantly re-surprised at the amount of nature which has stubbornly existed alongside all the skyscrapers and roadways.

Take, for example, the heron and egret population.


Yes indeed. This time of year, New York is home to thousands of majestic water fowl nesting on islands throughout the harbor. I’m not normally a birder myself, but the heron and egret are rather spectacular birds to see soaring by. And now, thanks to the local Audubon Society, they are even easier to enjoy.

On Saturday evenings at 7:30 throughout the summer, an Audubon water taxi will leave Pier 17 and piddle out to the nesting grounds to get up close and personal with the birds. It’s $25 a person, but for those New Yorkers too caught up in the Big City to stop for a moment and take in the joy of a soaring bird, it’s priceless.

And if you are indeed too busy to enjoy this simple pleasure in life, click here to experience it through the Heron Web Cam.