Car DVD Players

I’ve started searching for car DVD players and that has shown me how technologically behind I am. First, when I saw the DVD players that fit into the dashboard, I assumed that meant that the screen fit into the dashboard too. Can you imagine? Traffic accidents caused by cell phone use while driving are bad enough. How ironic would it be to crash a car while watching a chase scene car crash?

The kind of DVD player I’m looking for is one that plugs into the cigarette lighter hole so that the people in the back seat can watch a movie. I’m specifically thinking about my 5 year-old. My 14 year-old plugs in her headphones and falls asleep as soon as the car pulls away from our house. One in awhile she’ll open her eyes to keep her brother entertained. We’re heading to Montana again this summer, quite the hike from Columbus, OH and I’m considering folding on my no DVD player stance. It might beat the bickering and whining. If we do get a plug-in DVD player it will be in competition with our plug-in CD player.

If you are looking to install a DVD player in your dashboard, prices range from $199 to over $1,000. The kind I’m looking for can also cost a bundle or about $100. I found an article in the magazine First Glimpse that explains the differences between DVD players and includes links that explain more. One feature that looks worth paying for is the one that lets you hang the DVD monitor over the back of the front seat. But, with two kids, does that mean you need two DVD players? If you want to get a look at what’s out there, here’s the car DVDplayer link at This photo is from “Foursprung, the ultimate car gadgets” blog.