GADLING’S TAKE FIVE: Week of June 10

Take5Here’s a handful from the week that you may have looked over some how and for one reason or another they deserve all your attention. Take five, 15 or 50 minutes exploring these posts from this week.

5. Urban Camping: Tents in the Big City?:
Like camping or sleeping in your car? Here’s a lovely gear idea to get you doing both right out on your urban neighborhood street or avenue or boulevard.

4. Internet Everywhere with AutoNet Mobile:
This one is for real internet junkies or professionals who actually need the net on the GO. See how you can get broadband internet service for your car.

3. America’s Most Miserable Airports:
A trip through the airport can be a trip in itself. Find out which airports you should try avoiding this summer when making plans that may include a layover or flying through them all together.

2. Eating Your Way Through the Ethnic Neighborhoods of Los Angeles:
Looking for something different to feast on in the city of Angels tonight? The options are endless as Neil points out in this spotlight on some of the ethnic neighborhoods serving up exotic plates. Oh, and they’re delicious too…

1. A Canadian in Beijing: Shannon’s Wings:

Ember pays homage to a close friend who committed suicide and walks us through the details of an accidental bird sanctuary visit. The piece is touching, beautiful and thought-provoking. Hands down one of the best for the week…

Travelers who Take Their Talents On the Road

Some folks, like Gadling’s own Ember Swift who is currently in China combining her life as a musician with her passion for travel, have talents that help get them overseas and maximize their experiences. Ember is writing about her high and low points in a series named A Canadian in Bejing.

Not only is using talents a way to see the world, but it’s the chance to connect in ways that are creatively, and perhaps, professionally pleasing. Andrew Mendelson, for example, used his Sitar playing to get him to India. This movie, “The Cricket in the Court of Akbar” shows him getting ready for the largest music competition in Rajasthan. This is more than just Andrew playing. There are also Interviews with various people who talk about Sitar music, the competition and what Andrew is up against. This video made me think that perhaps I ought to have actually practiced the flute more.