Photo of the Day – Empire State Building

For New Yorkers, there’s something strangely comforting about the Empire State Building. Maybe it’s simply the fact this solidly standing skyscraper has anchored citizens’ views for 80 years. Or maybe it’s because it’s become an iconic landmark of this famous city, an image burned into the subconscious of locals and visitors alike. Or maybe, as Flickr user Em_photos2010 demonstrates with today’s shot, it’s simply because the Empire State Building is a beautiful building – this Depression-era skyscraper’s angular lines, Art Deco design and tiered layer-cake structure are on display with this interesting close-up shot.

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Photo of the Day (12.30.08)

With my voyage to New York early tomorrow morning comes a wealth of baggage — more than I’m packing in the overhead compartment. A new year. A new beginning. Loss, fear, a look into my heart, passions and life.

In my many travel experiences, I have never been let down by the City, somehow always warm, moving and willing to swallow my worries, loves and hates among its streets, alleys and subways, lost among a sea of merging souls. From the Gadling flickr pool, morrissey‘s photo of the Manhattan skyline reminds me of why I’m so often there.

Welcome home, young son. Your new future awaits.