The Gambler is a Hit Worldwide

When I saw this article on Kenny Rogers’ song The Gambler inspiring the England Rugby team to make it to the world cup, I was transported back to a far-off land — Southeast Asia to be exact — where I sat in the back of a bumpy truck, trying to teach a bunch of Brits and Northern Irish the words. Come to think of it, I’ve done this more than once — The Gambler is one of those songs that’s iconic the world over, even though few actually know all the words. It’s just one of those songs that the entire English-speaking world seems to love, and when it comes to be known that I’ve memorized it, I’m an instant hit.

And I can see why it’s such a popular song — it’s full of sage wisdom that can be applied to life, whether gambling’s your thing or not. In fact, it’s a song about travelling and the advice garnered from a stranger on the train. So next trip you go on, take some advice from The Gambler:

  • Never count your money when you’re sittin’ at the table: Showing off how much wealth you have when you’re in a poor country can land you in trouble.
  • The secret to surviving is knowin’ what you throw away and what to keep: Apply this to your backpack. Carrying too much stuff might not kill you but it will make for some real unpleasantness.
  • Know when to walk away and know when to run. Use this piece of wisdom when you’re out on the town — sometimes it’s just time to call it a night, you know? Especially when there’s a potential ladyboy involved.