Virgin America helps the green movement

Fresh spring food selections isn’t all that Virgin America is up to these days. Virgin America is also interested in lessening its impact on the environment. To prove it, the California-based airlines has joined The Climate Registry, the non–profit organization dedicated to keeping track of greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) to aid in better regulation so that efforts to be more environmentally friendly have a fighting chance.

In fact, Virgin America, the first U.S. airlines to join up with the Climate Registry, is ahead of the curve. By the end of 2012, the Environmental Protection Agency may have emission standards for aircraft and aircraft engines. Because Virgin America has agreed to add to the transparency of measuring emissions, it’s helping the cause of seeing how much airplanes impact the environment and what to do to lessen adverse effects.

One might wonder just what an airline can do to be more environmentally friendly considering the amount of fuel it takes to fly, but Virgin America has thought of such details.

For example, the new Airbus A320 fleet is 25% more fuel efficient than other domestic carriers. Virgin America also does the following as part of its efforts to fly more green:

  • single engine taxiing
  • idle reverse landings
  • regulate speed to reduce fuel burn
  • use advanced avionics to fly more efficiently

There is a certain hopefulness to read about an airline that is interested in taking care of the environment while it figures out how to turn a profit. [PR Newswire: United Business Media]