Gadling Take FIVE – August 16- August 23

If you kept up with Gadling this week, you’ve probably gathered some tips to help you plan your next trip whether you’re looking for the practical or the extravagant. For example,

  1. Aaron says that almonds make perfect travel snacks, something he knew about even before he read about it at the Happiness Project website that recently offered up vacation tips.
  2. Jerry found out from Mark Jolly, editor of globorati, that train travel is one way to go to travel green, and that train travel is having a comeback. There are other travel tidbits besides. If you missed this post, check it out.
  3. Scott pointed us towards a High Sierra luggage deal at
  4. Meg told us how to have the ultimate diamond and jewelry shopping experience in Manhattan
  5. And Anna pointed us towards environmentally friendly cities for a vacation. It may surprise you that Bangkok is on the list. It has a well-deserved spot.

Have a great weekend and enjoy watching the rest of the Olympics. I’m loving learning more about China from all of the side stories.