Mobile phone + projector = The Logic Bolt

It seems like it was just a couple of days ago when I reviewed the 3M pocket projector, and predicted more devices with built in projectors (it was in fact 3 days ago). CES is here, so this means a slew of new gadgety goodness.

One of the first products to catch my attention is the Logic Wireless Bolt.

This mobile phone features a touch screen interface, quad band GSM, support for Powerpoint, Excel, Word as well as the ability to connect directly to most video sources.

The phone (and their press shots) make it clear that this is not actually their own development, but a rebranded version of a product announced last year by Engadget. Click the link for the rest of the article, and to read the most interesting part of the announcement.

The phone is scheduled to be released later this year, but what really caught my attention in the press release, is the news that T-Mobile has lined up to be the exclusive US carrier for the Bolt. The phone will retail for $600, or just $100 when purchased with a 2 year T-Mobile contract, which is astoundingly cheap in my opinion.

The Bolt supports video file playback and you’ll be able to use it to project movies or other content on a suitable surface. The device claims over 2 hours of playback on a fully charged battery.

UPDATE: All references to T-Mobile have now been removed from the press release web site. Someone either spoke too soon, or the deal has not actually happened.