Reminder: Win a free copy of The Geography of Bliss

Just a quick reminder: head over to Leif’s review of the new book, The Geography of Bliss by Eric Weiner, to win a free copy. Here’s a sneak peak of his review:

A confessed “mope”, Weiner (coincidentally pronounced ‘whiner’ – ki ki ki!) admits straight off that he’s a hard sell on happiness. You’d be too after two decades working as a foreign correspondent for National Public Radio, reporting on wars, disasters and the ancillary misery. Untold years of introspection, therapy and a metric ton of self-help books have yielded little progress and having recently entered the Heart Attack Years, he confesses that his happiness attainment optimism is flagging.

For the rest of the review, along with all the details you need to have a free copy of the book under your tree this year, click here. But be quick about it; the contest ends this Friday, December 7 at 5PM EST.