First dating website for business travelers

Fresh off the PRNewswire, Gadling has received word that the good people at Eros Partners, LLC have launched the “first dating website focused on business travelers.” Of course, the word “dating” is used loosely here as the site, along with Eros Partners’ other ventures, is geared more towards casual encounters than long-term relationships. But, hey, business travel is lonely so you might as well get your johnson some action while you’re on the road securing the Johnson account. Am I right?!

The new site,, allows users to create a profile in their home city and then calendar up to four business trips. Once calendared, the user’s profile shows up in searches for the other cities, as well. According to the press release, “a member’s private profile focuses on intimate topics such as health, grooming and their views on adult subjects.” I have a sneaking suspicion that the “adult subjects” are not a reference to opinions on how to diversify your 401(k) investments.

Eros Partners is the same company that brings you a wide array of adult sites, including one that allows users to rate their experiences with “escorts” more than one that focuses on casual or discreet relationships. So keep that in mind before you browse too much in the office. But what you do on your private time on business trips is your…well, business. As for me? I’ll stick to my hotel’s wide array of pay-per-view movies and free lotions.