Humorous Sexual-theme park of sculptures: Art for the 18 and older crowd

Jeju Loveland is a place where the imagination can run wild!” is one of the descriptors used on the Web site of this unusual tourist attraction on Jeju Island in South Korea.

I’ll say.

Also called Love Land, the sculptures on exhibit here were created by artists who graduated from Hongik University in Seoul in order to break sexual taboos-to give folks in South Korea the okay to have a chuckle. A twitter or two. A guffaw, if you will. Folks in South Korea, according to what I’ve read about Jeju Loveland, are a bit prudish. The park is one area that is changing that.

After an hour of viewing the 140 sculptures –some of them with interactive features –all with a sexual content including depictions of sexual positions, I can’t imagine that someone wouldn’t loosen up a tad.

Recognizing that a gigantic stone phallus, for example, might not be appropriate art for Junior, there is a play area for kids so parents can have fun too. While the kids are occupied elsewhere, parents get some adult time.

As a person who enjoys outdoor sculpture gardens from an artistic standpoint, of any subject, this would be an interesting place to go just for the artistic expression. You know, just to see what the artists have created with their own take on the subject of sex. You know, just for the art. Really.

For a personal account–not mine, another person’s–of going to the sculpture park, click here. You’ll see how pictures do indeed speak a thousand words.

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Erotic Art: A Museum Quest

When I read Willy Volk’s post about the erotic images of Khajuraho in India, it got me thinking about erotic art and where to find it. Not that I’m planning on taking a world tour or anything, but it’s interesting to see how various cultures display erotica in museums and the place erotica has had in the arts throughout history. There are several places to visit where the aim is not to titillate specifically, but learn more about the human response to sexuality, beauty and, yes, of course, sex.

One place I came across is the Erotic Art Museum in Hamburg, Germany. I remember Hamburg to be more of an industrial looking place built back up after World War II. The museum looks as if the exhibits are superb. The website is entirely in German, but you can get an idea of what’s there. In one of the small photos across the top, it looks like they’ve acquired one of the wooden penises from that Japanese Penis Festival–or perhaps from the time of the Trojans? Just kidding about that. I would like to know what the origins are, though. If you click through the website you’ll find the virtual gallery that has larger images. Informative and slick.

For some odd reason, there is a cartoon figure of Santa Claus on the museum’s homepage. Since I can’t read German, I have no idea what that’s about. Is there secret side to Santa? Here’s a link to a rundown of erotic art museums in Europe.