Photo of the Day (6.27.09)

I detest snails. I hate the slimy trail they leave behind them and their eerie antennas. For some reason, snails really like the sidewalk around my house, and I find myself tiptoeing around them when I walk my dog. I despise so much that once I put one in a jar and froze it, and sometimes I would pour salt on them. It wasn’t very nice of me, I know.

Ironically enough, I love escargot. I love the plates they come in with little spoonfuls of garlicky butter. Whoever first thought to cook snails probably hated them more than I. But there’s something to be said about these snails, and snails with colorful shells. These snails I can appreciate. They are rather interesting creatures, I guess, and sulla55, who took this photo on a rainy day in Newport, Rhode Island, really found a way of capturing their unusual aesthetic.

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