Greenland Kayak Rolls

As cold as it is outside here in New York City (and it is cold, damn cold), this video gave me the chills. But it is also a wonderful little educational vid about how to pull off the perfect eskimo roll in your kayak.

The video features one Andrew Elizaga as he performs a range of traditional Greenland kayak rolls in his skin-on-frame East Greenland replica qajaq. A BEAUTIFUL, nay gorgeous boat. Elizaga is all gussied up in a complete wet suit, which, once you take a gander at the environs in which he performs said rolls, you will know why. I’d love to take a pano here.

I imagine in a way that this would be a fairly educational bit of video, but I doubt you’d want to carry along your computer when you try out some of these rolls. Maybe bring your video ipod in your handy H2O waterproof case.