Africa Unite

Music lover’s, Hippie’s, Rasta’s, wannabe’s, groupie’s, and Bob Marley fans across the globe; pack your bags and head over to Addis Ababa. NOW! Though no official date has been set, the longstanding wishes of the legendary Bob Marley will be carried out by his widow, Rita Marley, as she makes plans for his re-burial in Ethiopia. IOL reports, Addis Ababa, capital Ethiopian city, will host the 60th birthday “Africa Unite” celebrations that kick off Tuesday. They estimate somewhere around 200,000 visitors including the reggae superstar’s 80-year-old ma who arrived last week. The festival takes place on February 6th, 2005. If ever, there was a genie in a bottle waiting to grant a few wishes, I’d ask for two tickets to Ethiopia. One for me and one for you.