Pushkar Camel Fair: Time to Plan

If ever you can make it to the Pushkar Camel Fair in Pushkar, India go. The companies that offer tours are starting to send out advertising, even though it isn’t until the end of November. Although, tours make a bundle on tourists who come to wander among the camels, the fair’s main purpose is camel trading. There are other goods to buy as well. My husband bought a walking stick, his proudest purchase.

On our trip, we stayed in one of the tent resorts put up just for the fair. Imagine a Persian rug, double bed and a private toilet even. Besides wandering among the camels, you can ride on one. Also, Pushkar is a beautiful town for wandering around, although, off camel fair season is more laid back.

Check out the Pushkar Camel Fair link on the Web site, “Jonathan Adams Wide-eyed observations around the world.” The photos are quite good–artsy angles. And here’s a link to a trip similar to ours.

Kelly asked in her post, Aruba Baby Moon what trips people took in their third trimester. How about the Pushkar Camel Fair? I was eight months pregnant. Getting up on a camel cart to get from our tent resort to the fair involved a bit of a heave-ho. (I picked this picture since it has both a walking stick and carts in it. Plus, I love those orange turbans.)