10 Etsy shops from around the world

With all of the Etsy shops out there, how are you supposed to know which shops to peruse and potentially support? While it’s a good thing to be supporting independent, local, self-made, all-natural, and/or struggling artists, it’s a difficult thing to know where to start. So here’s some advice, fellow travelers of the world: start with the Etsy shops that bring different regions of the world to your shopping window. Start with the Etsy shops that can transport you into another culture with a single browsing. Start with the Etsy shops that allow you to bring home goods with a flare from your favorite places if you can’t always be getting on a plane to travel to those places and bring home the goods yourself. Need some inspiration? Here’s a list of 10 Etsy shops from around the world, 10 personal favorites. This should help get you started.
1. Wooden decor from Ireland
Zen-inducing, modern art with a minimalist flare. Mostly wooden items like clocks, picture frames, and candle holders. ArtGlamourSligo on Etsy.

2. Jewelry, vases, home decor, and more from Kenya
This shop offers varying items from different artists. Taken from the shop description:
“Onacar School of Art is an innovative school that is helping organizations come up with income generating activities through various artisan activities such as soapstone carving, the making of jewelry and the designing of cards. All items are made from locally available materials that can be used without destroying the environment. Soapstone carving has changed from being just an art to being a production industry that helps organizations and communities generate income.” They’re selling good stuff for a good cause. Onacar on Etsy.

3. Laser woodcut jewelry from Argentina
Geometric shapes never looked so good! This artist, based in Buenos Aires, sells laser woodcut jewelry. Necklaces and earrings abound! Indomina on Etsy.

4. Organic skincare and perfume from Hawaii
I can smell these products from here! And they smell good! From the shop description:
“Ambrozhia’s essential blends are created with pure essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts and resins. I have spent over 18 years sourcing these precious botanical oils from reputable suppliers and am confident of their superb quality. I would like to note that I do incorporate special aromatics from fragrance oils in my perfumery to expand my blending palette and enliven the blends. One fragrance is musk oil, as I do not believe in using any animal products OR support animal testing. My Sandalwood is a combination of Arabian Sandalwood fo* and Austrailian Sandalwood essential oil as the Mysore forests of India are in the process of reforestation. Essential oils and fragrance oils have been combined and used in the art of perfumery since the 1800’s.” Aromatique Arts and Organic Skincare on Etsy.

5. Sea glass and other jewelry supplies from Grenada
Grenada, home of many fabulous beaches, boasts an incredible amount of island-esque jewelry and supplies. Interested in making some of your own? Buy from this seller. MamaBois on Etsy.

6. Vintage-inspired dog-themed art from Switzerland
Love your pooch? This Swiss shop will have you rejoicing in dog humor if so. Taken from the shop description: “As a digital designer, Kennel Club judge and a great admirer of dogs, I decided to go one step further to show that the dog is no longer just a companion and supporting figure in art, but the main protagonist of the events, and so receives well-deserved role.” NobilityDogs on Etsy.

7. Simple tea light holders and home decor from Japan
If you like the simple but beautiful Japanese aesthetic, then you’ll love this shop. Complete with minimalistic pieces, many designed for candles, I wouldn’t mind having some of these in my own house. TokyoCraftStudios on Etsy.

8. Throw pillow covers from India
Shimmering fabrics, intricate designs, and vivid colors help this shop’s items come to life. Based in Pune, these Indian throw pillow covers are gorgeous. TheHomeCentric on Etsy.

9. Coat racks, coffee tables, and other handmade things for the home from New Zealand
This homeware is simple, modern, and straight from New Zealand. ObjectifyHomeware on Etsy.

10. Gemstone jewelry from Singapore
Confession: I have purchased several items from this store myself. This Singapore-based artist has a way with gemstones. Looking for a special piece of jewelry? Look no further. I even wore one of her pieces for my wedding. AstralEye on Etsy.