EuroCheapo launches budget travel guides for Switzerland

While Switzerland is not usually thought of as a budget-friendly destination, there are actually many worthwhile hotels, sights, and restaurants that won’t cost you a fortune. To help travelers navigate their way around this usually costly country, EuroCheapo has launched budget travel guides for the cities of Zurich and Geneva, marking their first Swiss guides on the site. These guides will not only feature accommodation recommendations and photographs from the editors themselves, but also insider tips on how to explore these cities without breaking the bank.

Says EuroCheapo’s founder and editor-in-chief, Tom Meyers, “While it’s certainly easy to overspend in Geneva and Zurich, our editors have uncovered many simple ways to make visiting more affordable. Both cities offer delightful inexpensive hotels that will keep your trip budget in check.”

EuroCheapo is a free budget travel guide for Europe. To check out the brand new Swiss guides as well as money-saving guides for other European cities, click here.

EuroCheapo announces the best cheap hotels in Europe

Today is an important day: EuroCheapo has just announced their first ever Cheapo 100 list of the best cheap hotels in Europe. If you’re a traveler on a budget and don’t know where to go, this is where you should look.

Going to Europe doesn’t have to be that expensive. Try EuroCheapo’s Flights section or find yourself a low fare by using AirFareWatchdog or another service which will send you an alert when the deal you want rolls around. Then, head straight to the Cheapo 100 and find a hotel in one of 20 cities, handpicked just for you by EuroCheapo’s editors.

“There are cheap hotels and then there are fantastic cheap hotels,” says Tom Meyers, EuroCheapo’s founder and Editor-In-Chief. “This list includes the 100 hotels and B&Bs most enthusiastically recommended by our editorial team. We have ‘hotel crushes’ on these properties and we think our readers will, too.”

To my delight, they have “hotel crushes” on hotels in cities including Vienna, Florence, Munich, Stockholm, London and even New York City (like our own Grant Martin, they like The Jane). Each city includes hotels in the categories of Super Cheapo, Best Location, Most Unique, Best Budget Style and Best B&B, Pension or Guesthouse. Quick one-liners give a little more into about each hotel, and a click will take you to EuroCheapo’s full review.

Click here to visit the Cheapo 100 and start planning your European dream vacation (for less).

[Photo by Annie Scott]