Bike Tours Direct to add 10 new countries to tour offerings

US based tour organizer Bike Tours Direct has just announced they will be adding rides in 10 new countries to their slew of tour offerings in 2012. Originally catering to bicycle tours throughout Europe, Bike Tours Direct will be expanding their riding options to include cycling holidays through destinations such as Jordan, Mexico, South Africa, and Vietnam.

With connections to over 200 different rides in what will now be over 40 countries, Bike Tours Direct represents numerous overseas cycling companies and places riders directly with tours run by local operators. The aim of the local partnerships is to not only keep money within the local communities, but also to provide riders with the most authentic and enjoyable experience possible by placing them in the care of knowledgeable local guides.

Though the company doesn’t plan to lay out it’s new website and offerings until November, examples of tours currently available include an 8-day jaunt through the fjords of Norway, 8 days of biking and boating through the Seychelles, or a 6 day venture across the Carpathian Mountains of the Ukraine. Impossible to quell any sense of wanderlust while perusing their list of offerings, the expanding list of options going into 2012 just gives this author at least 10 more reasons to simply get up and go off the grid for a little while.

[Photo courtesy: gabriel amadeus, Flickr]