“First stop” in the 2012 world cycling events: The Santos Tour Down Under

The annual Santos Tour Down Under, the same race where Lance Armstrong made his comeback, will take place January 15-22, 2012, in Adelaide, Australia. The bike race, which is more than just your average cycling event, is actually the “first stop” on the UCI World Tour, which brings together the world’s most challenging road races.

There are about 500 miles total and 6 stages in the race, each offering a unique landscape for riders. During Stage 1, riders will cycle through the vineyards of the Barossa and into Clare Valley, while Stage 2 journeys through the winding hillside of Adelaide. Stage 3 brings participants to the Fleurieu Peninsula and through the seaside town of Victoria Harbor, with stage 4 traversing through the heart of wine country. This year, Stage 5 brings a new element, as riders will ascend Old Willunga Hill, the most challenging obstacle of the race. And finally, Stage 6 ends the event with a circuit race around Elder Park on the banks of the River Torrens.

Not a professional rider but still want to experience the fun? Participate in The Bupa Challenge Tour, which allows attendees to ride shorter versions of the main race a few hours before the WorldTour professionals as well Ride for a Reason and support Cancer Council SA. You can also experience the race as a bystander with a unique point of view, from a helicopter.

For a taste of what to expect, check out the Santos Tour Down Under promotional video above.

Be a part of a meditation flashmob in various locations all over the world

When thinking of the concept of a flashmob, many people imagine a large group of people breaking out into loud song or lively dance in a public place. Sometimes, however, flashmobs can be a bit less flashy. This is the idea with MedMob, a global flash meditation movement that aims to bring positive energy all over the world. The group meets in highly visible spaces, with a goal of exposing others to the benefits of meditation and an aim of getting the entire world to meditate together.

The silent meditation takes place for an hour, which is then followed by eleven minutes of “sound bath”, which involves humming a mantra such as “Ma”, “God”, “Om” or any other that invokes emotion in the meditator.

Want to be a part of a meditation flashmob yourself? There are numerous spaces and cities being mobbed on November 11, 2011, including:

To see a full schedule of meditation flashmobs click here. If you want to get a better idea of what a meditation flashmob is, check out this video: