Travel beauty – A refreshing facial spray by Evian

Not all travel beauty accessories are lame. Case in point: Evian Brumisateur facial spray.

Yes, we know Evian spells “naïve” backwards, but Brumisateur only spells “ruetasimurb,” and that doesn’t mean anything.

What does it do? Well, the mist is very refreshing, for starters, but it actually tones and moisturizes the skin — reportedly increasing skin hydration by 16%. Not only that, it doesn’t mess with your makeup, if you’re into that kind of thing.

This is perfect for jet-setting, train-riding, or just plain old hot weather. Celebrity fans of Evian Brumisateur include Madonna, Jennifer Aniston, Jude Law, Eva Longoria, Will Smith, and Uma Therman.

You can purchase Evian Brumisateur in three sizes for $5.50 to $26.50 here on Amazon before your next trip — but frankly, I’m quite pleased with what it does for me right here at my desk.